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    As a big thank you to the Xyfil/Myvapery family for all their hard work and dedication, we arranged an awesome staff BBQ, supplied and beautifully presented by A2Z BBQ catering. Everyone was invited from across the business … production, operations, marketing, sales, accounts and HR.

    Sometimes you just have to take five and remember we’re all part of something huge, it’s important we acknowledge everyone by saying thank you and letting you all know, it’s much appreciated, you’re really valued and if it’s right on the inside, it’s great on the outside!

    Thanks to the amazing guys at A2Z for a delicious feast, you can find A2Z and their service by following the link:

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  2. Thanks for joining us at Vape Jam 2019

    Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for coming out to see us and making Vape Jam 2019 such a memorable event. It was an incredible experience!

    It was a momentous day for Pod Salt as the brand was awarded ‘Best Nic Salt Award’ rounding off a very successful and enjoyable show.

    Launching of the Cali Greens CBD range

    We teased that Cali Greens had a secret to share at Vape Jam on social media and we revealed that secret during the show, giving a first look to the attendees. This range is Cali Greens CBD and includes several different CBD related products ranging from E-Liquid, cream related products and a CBD device. This proved to be a massive hit with the crowd, for this reason, we would like to offer you the chance to be the first in line for these products upon release!

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  3. Introducing CBD Infused + CBD Essence!

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol is a concentrated oil extracted from the cannabis plant, which is then transformed into an oil form for vaping. Our products contain no THC, THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis which gets you high, while our CBD has no psychoactive elements.

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  4. Give the Gift of Vaping this Christmas

    With Christmas just around the corner, have you done your shopping yet? If you’re looking to buy something for someone who smokes or vapes (or even if you’re just shopping for yourself!), then you’ve come to the right place!

    Give the Gift of Pod Salt

    Christmas shopping isn’t always the easiest of tasks. So, if you’re shopping for a smoker (soon to be ex-smoker!) or a nicotine vaper then Pod Salt might be the ideal gift.

    Unlike other e-liquids, Pod Salt uses a proprietary formula that offers an improved nicotine hit without the harsh throat irritation. Available in 11mg or 20mg nicotine strength, Pod Salt provides a faster-acting and longer-lasting nicotine hit than other tradi

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  5. The Vaper Expo 2018

    Thanks for joining us at The Vaper Expo UK 2018

    Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for making the Vaper Expo UK really special. We are proud to be part of such a vast community of vapers, which is one the reasons why we wanted to be one of the The Vaper Expo UK sponsors. It was an incredible experience!

    Over the three days, we were visited by a countless number of vapers who sampled our e-liquids and gave us some seriously positive feedback, especially when it came to the new Pod Salts Fusion range.


    Launching of the Fusion Pod Salt range

    We wanted to do something special for such an amazing event, so we launched our Pod Salt Fusion range for The Vaper Expo UK. This range has been created to bring an elite line-up of best-selling e-liquid flavours from some of the greatest e-liquid brands. Make sure you keep a look out for more

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  6. Introducing the Limited Edition Jammin E-Liquid

    If you've been keeping up to date with Jammin Vape Co on Instagram or on the Jammin Facebook page, you're probably already familiar with the limited edition Jammin Vape Co x The Custard Company e-liquid.

    Blueberry Jam Custard Short Fill Eliquid

    This Blueberry Jam Custard e-liquid has been brought to you thanks to lots of hard work, expertise and collaborative work between two exceptional brands. Jammin Vape Co produces truly classic (and not to mention award winning...) British jam flavours whilst The Custard Company have mastered the perfect Vanilla Custard flavour for vapers. Together, the two brands really do create the ultimate vaping experience.

    The limited edition Blueberry Jam Custard e-liquid is an indulgent all da

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  7. Battery Safety - A Life-Or-Death Issue?

    I woke this morning to find a BBC article forwarded by our MD, relaying the sad tale of a man from Florida who was killed by an exploding e-cigarette. This is of course a highly tragic story, and our condolences go to the loved ones he left behind.

    In terms of the reporting, there was definitely a change in tone from usual media reports: the BBC openly acknowledged that the user had tampered with the device to allow it to put out more power, rather than demonising e-cigarettes as a whole. They made clear that it was user intervention, and not the device as originally sold, that lead to the unfortunate outcome.

    This article is here to serve as an important reminder, to all users, how important it is to understand battery safety. But before jumping into it, a little context:

    Facts and statistics

    It is estimated that one in ten US citizens

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  8. Short Fill E-Liquids

    For most vapers, these products are commonplace. New vapers, however, always ask the same questions… so here’s the low-down on short fill.

    What are short fill liquids

    As the name suggests, the idea is that you buy a part filled bottle of e-liquid. The bottle leaves enough room for you to add a half, a full, or multiple nicotine shots. That’s all there is to it!

    Originally, the vast majority of short fills were 50ml in a 60ml bottle. Adding a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot then gives you a full bottle of 3mg e-liquid. Then came 80ml in a 100ml bottle. For this, adding 2x10ml 15mg nicotine shots gives you 100ml of 3mg. Then came brands like The Big Tasty. These give you 100ml in a 120ml bottle, so you add 2x10ml 18mg shots for a whopping 120ml of 3mg e-liquid.

    The lastest incarnation is 25ml in a 30ml bottle. Add half of an 18mg nicotine shot and you’ll end up with 30ml of 3mg.

    Whatever next?

    We’re really surprised nobody has done 20ml in a

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  9. What the heck is a ‘Premium’ E-Liquid?

    The buzzwords of today are the wallpaper phrases of tomorrow. In marketing, the dustbins are full of overused phrases, such as “putting the customer first” or “save time and money”. In clickbait circles, the terms go outy of vogue quicker still. Back in the day just marking a video title with ‘Hilarious’ would guarantee some views. When lots of people with unfunny pranks also used the word “hilarious” in their videos, all of a sudden, it took more to compel action.

    In the e-liquid field, it is difficult to think of a term that has been more overused and abused than ‘Premium e-liquid’. There are a few runners up, such as ‘only the best quality ingredients’, but there’s simply too many ‘premium e-liquids’ out there that blatantly are not. The poor brands stealing the phrase are ruining it for everyone… sorry… there’s a rant coming on.

    Why does it annoy?

    Quite simply, when you get companies who sell a 10ml e-liquid for a pound and still have the nerve to put

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